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Excited that you’ve got a fancy treadmill for your workouts! But before you start sprinting like a pro, let’s chat about protecting your floor. Whether you have shiny hardwood, soft carpet, or tough tile, it’s important to shield it from the treadmill’s impact with recommended treadmill mats for carpet.

Sure, some experienced treadmill users might not think they need a mat, but isn’t it better to prevent any damage to your floor? Imagine a big dent from your treadmill – not exactly something to brag about.

Treadmills are heavy, usually weighing 250 to 350 pounds. When you run on treadmills, you add even more force, up to three to four times your body weight! That’s a lot of impact.

At Dhammyfit, we’re all about finding smart solutions. That’s why we’ve tested 21 treadmill mats to bring you the top 5. These mats offer great floor protection, and worry-free workouts, and match your home gym perfectly. Let’s find the best one for you and get you back to smashing your fitness goals!

Benefits of Using a Treadmill Mat on Carpet

Using a treadmill mat on the carpet offers a win-win situation for both your workout space and your equipment.  First and foremost, it protects your carpet from the wear and tear caused by the constant impact of the treadmill and your feet. Over time, carpets can become flattened and worn in these areas, but a treadmill mat absorbs some of that impact, keeping your carpet looking fresh. It also acts as a barrier, minimizing scratches, dents, and even the fuzzing or pilling that can occur from the friction between the treadmill and the carpet fibers.

Beyond floor protection, a treadmill mat enhances your workout experience by improving stability and safety.  Uneven carpets can throw off the balance of your treadmill, potentially leading to slips or injuries. A mat provides a flat, even surface for the treadmill to sit on, reducing this risk. Additionally, some mats have a textured surface that provides better traction for the treadmill base, preventing it from shifting during your workout.

Let’s not forget the noise factor. Treadmills can vibrate significantly, especially on softer surfaces like carpets. This vibration translates to noise, both for you and potentially for those around you. A treadmill mat acts as a shock absorber, dampening these vibrations and reducing overall noise levels. It also helps minimize the impact noise from your feet hitting the treadmill, creating a quieter workout environment.

There are some bonus benefits to consider as well. Treadmill mats are much easier to clean than carpets. You can simply wipe them down to remove sweat, dust, and dirt, saving you time and effort.  An added perk is that the mat also helps protect your treadmill from dust buildup. Carpet fibers and dust can get sucked into the treadmill during use, potentially affecting its performance. A mat acts as a barrier, minimizing dust infiltration and keeping your treadmill running smoothly.

How We Tested and Selected the Top 5 of 21 Treadmill Mats for Carpet

“Treadmills are like the starting point for getting fit at home,” says Amanda Capritto, a certified personal trainer. But if your treadmill damages your floor, the excitement can fade fast. That’s where treadmill mats come in – they silently protect your workout area.

With so many options, picking the right mat can be tough. But don’t worry! At Dhammyfit, we’ve got experts like personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts who’ve tested tons of gym gear, from treadmills to exercise bikes.

This time, we focused on finding the top 5 treadmill mats for your home gym. We tested 21 mats, looking at things like:

  1. Size: We made sure each mat could fit different treadmill sizes.
  2. Price: We tested mats for all budgets, from affordable to top-notch.
  3. Surface: We tried them on different floors, like hardwood and carpet.
  4. Noise: No more waking up the neighbors – we checked how quiet each mat was.
  5. Stability: They had to handle intense workouts without wobbling.

Get ready to find the perfect treadmill mat for your home gym! We’ll go over the top 5 and help you pick the one that suits your workout space best.

5 Best Treadmill Mats For Carpet

1. SuperMats TreadMat

The SuperMats Made in the USA Mat is a durable vinyl floor mat measuring 90 inches long and 36 inches wide, making it suitable for treadmills and other exercise equipment. While it’s longer than most mats, its width may not be sufficient for some machines. Although advertised as one inch thick, it’s closer to ⅛th to ¼th of an inch thick according to customer reviews. Despite this, it has a high rating on Amazon. Unlike other mats, it lays flat without needing to be weighted down, but it may have a chalk-like residue out of the box, which can be easily wiped off.


  • At 90 inches, this mat is 10 inches longer than the average, making it suitable for large machines.
  • Vinyl is considered one of the most waterproof flooring materials, making it easy to wipe away sweat and water. 
  • This mat comes out flat, with no need to flatten out curled-up edges.


  • black powdery residue can rub off of the mat after unboxing.
  • Some customer reviews say the mat isn’t one inch thick, as advertised, but closer to ⅛th to ¼th of an inch.

2. ProForm Large Equipment Mat

The ProForm Large Equipment Mat is designed to accommodate average-sized treadmills with its 40-inch by 80-inch footprint, making it suitable for machines like the ProForm Pro 9000. Priced at $40, it’s relatively affordable and portable at 10 pounds, making it versatile for various exercises. Its non-slip surface works well on both wooden floors and carpets. However, at 4 millimeters thick, it’s thinner than most mats, potentially impacting its durability and cushioning. Some customer reviews have mentioned concerns about durability, but given its price point, longevity may be a minor expectation.


  • The majority of treadmills should be able to fit the 80-by-40-inch treadmill mat. 
  • Whether it is placed on carpet or hard flooring, the nonslip mat won’t move.
  • If you need to relocate anything, this mat is simple to roll up.


  • At 4mm, this is one of the thinnest alternatives on our list; most mats are at least 6mm thick.
  • According to customer reports, this mat gradually deteriorates, leaving tiny vinyl fragments behind.

3. Gorilla Mats Premium Large Exercise Mat

The Gorilla Mats Premium Large Exercise Mat is praised for its durability and thickness, measuring 6 millimeters thick and made from high-density ProFoam. Despite being shorter than some mats at 72 inches in length, its 48-inch width provides ample space for various exercises. It’s highly durable, withstanding frequent use and heavy weights without leaving marks on the floor. While less portable due to its size and thickness, it comes with a travel bag for convenience. Priced at $139.99, it’s more expensive than average but offers long-term value and protection for various floor types. 


  • This mat is 2 millimeters thicker than many of the mats we examined, at 6 millimeters.
  • ProFoam was used in the construction of this mat to aid in its lifespan and durability.
  • Because this mat is 12 inches wider than typical, it can accommodate dumbbells and other equipment.


  • It costs almost three times as much as the $40 to $50 average of other mats we examined, at $139.95.
  • Because this mat is around 12 inches broader than the majority of the mats we tested, you won’t want to move it around too much.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Home Gym Floor Protector Mat

The Sunny Health & Fitness Home Gym Floor Mat is designed to protect carpets from damage caused by high-end cardio equipment or budget-friendly treadmills. It is one of the noise-reducing treadmill mats for carpets. Made of waterproof PVC foam, it prevents spills and sweat from staining carpet fibers. Available in various sizes, all weighing under 5 pounds, the mat offers easy mobility. While its 4-millimeter thickness is thinner than average, it may lead to edges curling or ripping under heavy equipment. Despite this, careful movement can prevent damage. The largest size, 90.5 inches by 39.5 inches, is recommended for accommodating large treadmills like the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. However, due to its thinner profile, it’s best suited for compact treadmills weighing between 100 to 200 pounds.


  • Because PVC foam is water resistant, it can help shield your carpet from perspiration.
  • To fit treadmills with differing widths and lengths, it comes in four different sizes. 
  • Moving this mat around is simple because it weighs only 1 pound for the extra small and 5 pounds for the large.


  • If the equipment is dragged across this mat as opposed to being lifted on and off of it, it may tear.
  • There was a problem with the borders not lying flat for our tester.

5. Balance From Puzzle Exercise Mat

treadmill mat for carpet

The Balance From Puzzle Exercise Mat features 24 end borders and 12 tiles. It is one of the best treadmill mats for thick carpets. The assembled mat is 48 square feet in size, with each tile measuring 24 by 24.5 inches. High-density EVA foam is used to create this high-quality treadmill mat, which doubles as a cushion for hard floors.

The equipment is stabilized and sliding is prevented by the treadmill mat’s unmatched durability and exceptional protection. The mat can be assembled quickly and is ready for use thanks to its interlocking feature. In addition to being useful beneath the treadmill, this exercise mat is great for supporting your balance during workouts.


  • composed of frothy foam
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to put together
  • resistant to moisture
  • non-slip surface
  • Available color options
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Reasonably priced


  • None


What to Consider Before Buying a Treadmill Mat for Carpet

Here are some things to consider before buying a treadmill mat for carpet:

  • Material: Treadmill mats come in a variety of materials, including rubber, vinyl, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The best material for your needs will depend on your carpet type, treadmill weight, and budget.
    • Rubber is the most durable option, but it can also be the most expensive. It is a good choice for heavy treadmills or for carpets with a low pile height.
    • Vinyl is a more affordable option that is still durable and provides good traction. It is a good choice for most treadmills on carpets.
    • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is the least expensive option, but it may not be as durable as rubber or vinyl. It is a good choice for lighter treadmills or for carpets with a high pile height.
  • Thickness: A thicker mat will provide more cushioning and noise reduction. A mat that is at least 3/8” thick is recommended for carpets.
  • Size: The mat should be large enough to accommodate the entire treadmill base, with a few inches of extra space on all sides.
  • Grip: The mat should have a non-slip surface to prevent the treadmill from moving during use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a treadmill mat for my carpet?

Treadmill mats protect your carpet from damage caused by the weight and friction of the treadmill. They also help reduce noise and vibrations, providing a stable surface for your workout.

What features should I look for in a treadmill mat for carpets?

Look for mats with sufficient thickness to provide cushioning and protection for your carpet. Opt for mats made from durable materials like PVC or rubber, with a non-slip surface to prevent the treadmill from shifting during use.

Are treadmill mats easy to clean?

Yes, most treadmill mats can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or mild detergent. Some mats are even machine washable for added convenience.

Will a treadmill mat prevent indentations on my carpet?

While a treadmill mat can help distribute the weight of the treadmill more evenly, it may not completely prevent indentations on thick carpets. However, it can significantly reduce the likelihood of permanent damage.

Can I use any type of treadmill mat on carpet?

It’s essential to choose a treadmill mat specifically designed for use on carpets. These mats typically have a textured underside or other features to prevent slipping and shifting on carpeted surfaces.

How do I choose the right size treadmill mat for my carpet?

Measure the area where you plan to place your treadmill and select a mat that is slightly larger to provide adequate coverage and protection for your carpet.


The simplest method to protect your floors is using treadmill mats, which form a soft barrier between your hardwood, tile, concrete, or home gym and the impact of your treadmill. These multipurpose exercise equipment mats shield your floors from harm, absorb perspiration before it seeps into your carpet, and ease sore knees and joints so you may have the best at-home workout.

It can be difficult to choose the ideal mat, but we can assist you. Every product’s measurements, composition, thickness, and frequent consumer concerns have been noted. 

Remember the kind of floor you want to shield as well as whether you want more padding or more coverage. We have an option that’s perfect for you, regardless of what you’re looking for or your budget to achieve your goals.

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